So far, the School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University have collaborated with Institute of Software, Peking University to construct a Laboratory of Software Development Strategy, with Institute of Microelectronics a Laboratory of Microelectronics Development Strategy and with ACOM Co., Ltd a PKU-ACOM Financial Information Research Center. In addition, Institute of Digital technology , Institute of Information System, Institute of Information Security , Laboratory of Software and Hardware Collaborative Design and Workshop of Digital Arts have also established.

爱游戏app合作马竞:Laboratory of Microelectronics Development Strategy

In order to adapt to the situation of national economy, prompt our country from the consumer of integrated circuits to the power of industry and go into the strategy and measures of Integrated Circuits Industry and Microelectronics Science and Technology, leaded by Academician Wang YangYuan and taking advantages of the resources provided by Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University and School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University, the Laboratory of Microelectronics Development Strategy was established in April,2005.

爱游戏app合作马竞:Laboratory of Service Computing and Big Data Technology

The Laboratory of Service Computing and Big Data Technology was first originated from the former Laboratory of Digital Technology, Peking University in 2004. It was not until Peking University and IBM jointly held the Service Innovation and Service Science Disciplines Construction seminar in 2005 that the laboratory officially started the research of Context-aware Service. In 2009, key Laboratory of Network and Software Security, Ministry of Education was established and the laboratory officially started the research of Network Security. In 2014, Peking University officially set up the Date Science Interdiscipline and signed an agreement with IBM to establish the Center For Big Data Analysis Technology. The Center officially started the research of Big Data. So far, the laboratory has studied three topics, Context-aware Service, Big Data Technology, Network Security with 15 professors and 50 postgraduates , including 4 professors, 6 associate professors , 4 lecturers, 23 PhD students and more than 30 masters.

爱游戏app合作马竞:Research Center of Engineering Technology

The Research Center of Engineering Technology was established based on the Research Center of Modern Service, Research Center of Embedded System, Laboratory of Digital Technology and Laboratory of Information System. The research topic is Context-aware Service, including Context-aware , Aware Service and Knowledge Management, which involves in Software Engineering, Service Computing and Intelligence, Workflow, Cloud Computing, SOA, Context-aware, Internet of Things, Multimedia and Human-computer Interaction, Data Mining , Knowledge Discovery etc.