The Emerging Interdisciplinary is composed of four professional direction, that is

  • Digital Art
  • Interactive Media
  • Computer Animation Design
  • Computer-aided Translation and Technical Writing

爱游戏app合作马竞:1. Digital Art

This specialty`s target is to improved student’s skills in the combination of digital method of art and information technology with which they can study, explore, create and innovate in the art and technology creation based on their well artistic attainments and innovation consciousness.

In order to adapt to the rapidly growing need of digital art and recreation, students in the postgraduate phase should consolidate their abilities in integrating art and technology. The curriculum covers various kinds of digital art from the previous concepts to the final completeness and interdiscpline of every phase. To the need of culture construction and digital recreation , students will be equipped with solid artistic attainments, certain information technology basis, rational structure of professional knowledge, well profession quality and team spirit. By consolidating their ability in combination of art, design and technology, students will be inspired to express themselves in a new way, to try and to innovate.

By the various kinds of learning forms such as classroom teaching, independent program, comprehensive practice and graduation field work, students can not only learn the practical knowledge, but also train their professional attitude and teamwork spirit so as to be high-level, practical, multiple-crossover and international talents meeting with the need of industry development. Students after graduation can take on the relevant occupations such as computer animation, interactive media, CG creation and art design. Or they can establish their own workshops or continue to study for a Ph.D. on this discipline or relative discipline or interdiscipline.

爱游戏app合作马竞:2. Interactive Media

This specialty`s target is to train students to master cartoon principle ,the method, technology, creation process and tools of computer animation. Students will practice and master the creation process of artistic narration in animation. Students will have the opportunity to enter the relevant field and become the animator, concept designer, storyboard designer, scene and character designer, art director, director or producer. After graduation they can enter the field such as animation industry , movie industry, video producing , advertisement and game industry or establish their own workshops.

爱游戏app合作马竞:3. Computer Animation Design

This specialty`s target is to instruct students to master human-computer concept and method, tools , process of interactive media art creation, and to create the works based on websites ,interactive media and animation, interactive music, exhibition design, device and immersive environment. They will learn how to transform creativity and story to the media form, and how to bring creativity to our lives. This specialty stressed to cultivate multiple-crossover talents who can realize their wonderful imagination.

爱游戏app合作马竞:4. Computer-Aided Translation and Technology Writing

Based on the premise that students have a good language and intercultural communication competence, this field puts more emphasis on the improvement of students' translation ability and on the cultivation of professional language service skills. The curriculum system includes the basis of information technology, natural language processing technology basic course, translation ability training course, the guidance and principle study of information technology tools, translation service industry research, management training course, all kinds of practice courses and special project courses. By giving lessons, MOOC, flipped classroom, courses of lectures, seminars, comprehensive practices, and other forms of teaching, we endeavor to make our students high-level talents and talented managers of language service industry who are able to understand technical principles and to use language information technology tools in a skillful way. We hope that our graduates could have competitive advantages and become the high-level talents in language service industry, who are skilled in languages, in culture, in technology, and in management. With the unique and compound competitive edges, graduates can step into information engineering technology and other scientific fields, as well as commercial service field, engaging in localization related to international communication and in international service work. Meanwhile, graduates can be able to complete comprehensive modern language service tasks integrating development, writing, translation, languages, culture, dissemination, and business consulting services with other engineers and technicians.