Admission policy of foreign postgraduate student in the field of E-commerce and E-logistics in School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University

Introduction of the school

The School of software and microelectronics, Peking University (SSM, PKU) is a ” National Model College of Software” with the approval of Ministry of Education and State Development Planning Commission. The school has engineering doctorates of electronic and information field, Master of Engineering Management, Master of Engineering on six fields (software engineering, integrated circuit engineering, project management, electronic and communication engineering, computer technology and industrial design). Cooperated with the Software Engineering State Engineering Research Center and School of Electronics Engineering and Computer Science Institute of Software, the school has also constructed Program for Doctor Degree of the Software Engineering First-Level Discipline.

SSM, PKU was born with the goal to make it one of the top-rank software schools all over the world. It inherits Peking University’s tradition of ”Democracy, Science and Cultural Diversification”, pursues of “Diligence, preciseness Truth-seeking and innovation”. School’s mission is “Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Demand Oriented and Quality First”.

The school aims to develop advanced, practical, multidisciplinary and globalized professionals, and shall improve educational objectives and curricula according to the demand of the industry. It shall develop adaptive syllabi and active education plans. The school shall learn from the experience of experts, make every effort to realize the innovation of the teaching patterns, management system, teaching contents, curriculum as well as teaching method.

In order to cultivate high-level and practical talents who are closed to industry, School of Software and Microelectronics , Peking University, authorized by Minstry of Education(Document Jiaogao[2006] No.29), has chosen the Yangtze River delta region——Wu Xi where information technology and microelectronics industry are highly developed , to construct the School of Software and Microelectronics at Wuxi, Peking University.(hereafter referred as to Wuxi Campus)


Introduction of Professional Direction

The program aims at cultivating the high level, practical, multiple-crossover and international talents for the field of e-commerce and e-logistics in the age of Internet information. Students will master professional knowledge and skills such as International Trade, E-commerce, Big Data Analytics and so on through study. They will know about the business model, transaction cost, industry constitution, market structure and innovation of products and process in the learning of International Trade and E-commerce, and can took up the research, innovation and operation of International Trade and E-commerce by using information and technology means such as Internet and Big Data Analytics.

The program adopts the way of multi-campus study that students will live and learn in the Daxing Campus, Peking University or Wuxi Campus, Peking University, which makes students have distinctive learning experiences of Beijing or Yangtze River delta region.


Application Requirements

1、Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens, well conducted and in good health, abide by the laws of Chinese Government and the regulations of Peking University.

2、Applicants who apply for the master's degree graduate student should have acquired bachelor's degree.

3. Applicants should meet the admission requirements on academic achievement, academic level as well as language competence.


Target of career deveolpment

This specialty aims at cultivating the talents who can be qualified for the middle-high level positions in the industry ,government, international organization and non-governmental organization. ?Graduates from this program can take on the following occupation:

International Trade \ E-commerce \ Internet Marketing \ Internet Startup\ Enterprise Management\ Import-Export Business\Commerce and Data Analytics\ Investment ?Analytics


Core curriculum

? E-commerce Technology and Application

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Data Warehouse and Application

? International Business

Venture Capital Management

?Internet Marketing

Study of Chinese Internet Company Business Case

Field survey and research of Chinese Internet Company



Teachers of this program are professors and associate professors of Peking University. In addition, in order to improve students’ abilities of practice and knowledge application, senior experts from the world's leading e-commerce and logistics enterprises are invited to give lessons and to be the enterprise mentors.


Degree Conferral

Students are required to complete the curriculum in 2 years, fulfill the designated credits, complete the master's thesis and defend it in front of a panel of experts. Successful graduates will receive a graduation certificate along with the Master's degree.


Application materials:

1、 Peking University Application Form for International Students (Master and Ph.D. Programs), which must be filled and submitted online via the following link You should also print it out and stick your photo.

2、 An official certificate of your highest education (Students expecting to graduate should provide an official letter stating expected graduation date), must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English.

3、 Official transcripts of your academic achievement up to the present, must be original documents or certified copies either in Chinese or English.

4、 A personal statement (about 800 words, research plan should be included, must be in Chinese.) The format can be downloaded at

5、 Two recommendation letters from your referees. The referees should be professors or associate professors (or persons with relevant academic title). The format of the reference letters can be downloaded at;

6、 A copy of your HSK results: HSK level 6, 200 overall (min. 65 in writing) is required;

7、 One photocopy of your passport (passport type must be valid and ordinary)

8、 Personal research achievements, table of contents and abstracts of your academic publications and any other original achievement in your field. (if you have them)

9、 Two copies of all application materials (except recommendation letters) are required, one original and one copy. Please hand in or sent them by post to International Students Division of Peking University.


Application fee

800 RMB. ?Accept cash, UnionPay cards, and online payment (follow the tips in Online Application for International Students). Any other currency and traveler cheques would not be accepted, application fee would not be returned.


Preliminary examination of department

Applicants will have a first examination by the office of International Students. After that, admissions office of School of Software and Microelectronics will organize professional tutor groups to audit the applicants` potentials in the fields they apply by their schools, specialties, academic levels and characters. The selected applicants will have the opportunities to the reexamination and receive the notification before March 20th,2015.


Reexamination of department

Admission office of School of Software and Microelectronics will organize professional tutor groups to give a comprehensive reexamination to applicants about specialty level and language ability.

The applicant who enter the reexamination should give a report which covers his research experiences and performances, views on the fields he has applied, his studies and tentative ideas about research and work.

The professional tutor groups will assess applicants by the reexamination scores combined with results of quality and give a first admission list.


Admission and enrollment

1. We will publish the admission lists before the end of May,2015 according to the results of reexamination.

2. Office of International Students will send admission notifications and visa application forms in late June,2015.

3. The exact dates for registrations are subject to the admission notification. Admitted students must arrive at Peking University for enrollment and registration procedures in accordance with the date on admission notification.

4. Our classes are mainly held in Daxing campus, Peking University.


Tuition and scholarship

1. Tuition: 33,000 RMB/Academic year , total tuition 66,000 RMB

2.Accommodation: charged in accordance with the relevant provisions of the school.

3. Scholarship: students who meet the requirement can apply the relevant International Students scholarship of Peking University.


Contact information

Admission Office, School of Software and Microelectronics, Peking University.

Specialty consultation: ?Mr. Zhang

Telephone: (010)62767181

Address: Room 1723N, No.1 Science Building, Peking University, Beijing 100871, P,R.China.

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Web site:

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