Prof. Yang Fuqing
SSM Council Chairman
Academician of CAS

School of Software and Microelectronics (SSM) of Peking University is a newly established school, with the aim to adapt to the strategic adjustment of national economic structure, meet the urgent needs of talents due to the development of software industry and achieve the hypernormal cultivation scope of talents. Established on a new pattern, operated on a new mechanism and authorized by national Ministry of Education and State Development Planning Commission, SSM is a demonstrative school of software engineering and a new exploration of advancing the reform of higher education operation in the new era.

Under the leadership of Peking University, in accordance with “Decision to the Establishment of School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University”, adhering to the “Democratic, Scientific and Inclusive” tradition of Peking University, promoting the “Diligent, rigorous, truth-seeking and innovative” academic style, insisting on “opening up, truth-seeking, enterprising, rigorous, forward-looking and educating”, the school council of SSM endeavors to establish it as a world-class software school.

SSM will cooperate with distinguished international universities and well-known enterprises both at home and abroad, develop a school-running pattern which consists of professional education based on credit system, quality-oriented education based on academy group as well as industry-university-research-practice integration. SSM will adopt first-class international teaching materials and bring in international and domestic eminent experts to carry out bilingual education and cultivate high-level, practical, inter-disciplinary and international talents.

Yang Fuqing???
October, 2002??

Prof. Zhang Xing
SSM President

School of Software and Microelectronics (SSM) is established in accordance with Peking University’s overall plan of being a world-class university. Set up by new model and operated by new mechanism, SSM, a school directly affiliated to the Peking University, serves as an important step for the reform and development of higher education. SSM sticks to the principle of seeking truth and innovation as well as focusing on industry requirements and quality. To meet the urgent needs of high-level talents of software and microelectronics, SSM carries out reform and innovation on teaching methods, course contents, curriculum systems and management systems.

SSM is dedicated to cultivate international high-level talents who are practice-oriented, inter-disciplinary and can meet the needs of fields and industries. All programs and course systems are meticulously designed based on the needs of industries. Insisting on humanistic and quality-oriented education, SSM focuses on students’ creative, enterprising and practical abilities. SSM works with other top universities in China and learns from their experience of cultivating talents in software and microelectronics. It also collaborates with well-known companies to integrate industry, university, research and practice.

There are now two disciplines and four bases in the school after 8 years development. These can't be achieved without the efforts of all students, faculty and supports from our alumni and the public. Under the leadership of the school council, the second school leading group will carry through fine traditions, summarize school-running experience, overcome difficulties and innovate actively. Knowing that the ultimate task is to develop high-level and practical talents, we emphasize on the theory of education-research-social services integration and insist on moral, student-oriented and comprehensive education. In order to be to be a top school of software and microelectronics in the world, we strive to enhance teaching staff construction and international exchanges and cooperation.

Let's speed up our pace of building a world-class university with a broader vision, open heart and unyielding efforts. A brand new chapter of School of Software and Microelectronics of Peking University will be written.

Zhang Xing???
May, 2010????